Aug 15, 2011

I had my bestest and sweetest DREAM in my life ystd
I know it's a dream
but i hope it wasn't as i wake up.

Yes,i know it is a dream
but i still hope it wasn't a dream.

I know i know it's a dream
but i still hope it wasn't a dream.

Hey, wake up please it is not possible for ur sweetest and best dream come true.
Yes i know. but from the bottom of my heart i still hope it will come true someday.

Whatever. Just to let you know that this is not possible.

Thanks for your remind. I know it cos i never had a dream come true.

Jun 21, 2011

All Da BEST to mE!!

Mar 30, 2011

I can't control myself!!!

I'm out-of-control all the time!!!

Feel so sick....

Jan 16, 2011



Research Project 好可怕~~
Presentation 好可怕~~
Assignment 好可怕~~
Exam 超可怕~~

××打冷颤×× 我哦~~~~

Nov 22, 2010

Random pics

Few months ago, my desktop was infected and thus i brought it for formating.
I remind them to backup every single file stored in the disk.
Unfortunately, i did not know they are stupid idiot and never help me to backup any of the file and even 1 single pic.
My heart break into pieces when i found out!!!!!
sad angry sad angry and sad angry

and i do not know how to link the incident above to the pics below
i selected it randomly from FB.

21st Birthday Celebration
(with Hui Yin)

Evon's 21st Birthday Celebration
They surprised her with cake; she surprised them with her jogging outfit

2010 Chinese New Year Celebration

When she came to Kampar ...

When she hold her hand and the moment she tertarik kepada Yong Sian

(with Fang, Shake and Evon)

Genting Trip

09's Christmas (LIVE)

09's Christmas Eve at Xin's new house

ShinYi 20's Birthday Celebration
we enjoy ourselves??!!

Genting Trip with 5S2

20's Birthday Celebration
(with Kit Ying)

08's Christmas Celebration
(exchange pressie at McD)

Cameron Trip
(the only memorable thing is this)

CDC Recruitment Drive Decoration

Memories at waterfall
(i miss that really much)

Evon's Birthday Celebration


First visit to Westlake Garden

Memories in 1531

Business Week

"Foot Spa"

Genting Trip when we was YOUNG


when i was on my braces

The drunken night

The first time we are on Formal Wear


When i am with her

Memories with 5s2

Found me??!!

Feb 2, 2010













Nov 11, 2009